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Sotouboua : Donation of materials to EPP Kpetchilla B

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©Afreepress-(2017-03-12)-The Togo Union Association based in Great Britain represented by M. Jerry Johnson, the President of the Espoir Nouveau Association, a Christian association based in Lomé donated school supplies and Water filers to EPP Kpetchilla, located at 12 km west of Soutouboua on Friday February 17, 2017.

The donation, estimated at 1,036,000f CFA, is composed of reading and mathematics books, flat rulers, compasses, geometric materials, squares, maps of Togo, water filters’s kits for the school and for children’s use and New Testaments.

In addition, the first two high performers of each class of this school received special gifts to encourage them and stimulate the culture of excellence among the students.

For the past 4 years, Togo Union has started supporting schools from poor and remote areas of communities across Togo (Anfoin, Avlime, Attiegou, Adangbe) and this year, Kpetchilla with needed school materials and equipment to help provide more conducive learning environment and equipment for children and teachers. The president of the Espoir Nouveau Association, M. Jerry Johnson, who Represents Togo Union in Togo, declared that TU members expects taht this donation will help improve students’ academic performances over the years and enable teachers to do add better quality to their work.

Specially this year, and as part of AEN’s outreach program, Mr. Johnson did share gifts boxes, New Testaments and short Biblical stories booklets to all children as a way to share the Love of God with these children and their parents.

The spokesman of the beneficiaries M. Gnazou Lètou thanked the generous donor for their gesture and promised that good use will be made of the materials received.

The head of the EPP Kpetchilla, Kpadjao Essolabina and the village chief, Tchalli Kaweta, thanked the donor and hoped that they will not stop at this gesture but do more for the good of the population.

Togo Union is an association of Togolese residing in Great Britain.


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