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Pyramide Radio FM was in Tsévié for a reafforestation project

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©Afreepress- (Lomé, June 1, 2017) - The new market of Tsévié city welcomed Thursday June 1, 2017, Pyramide Radio FM delegation led by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Germain Wona. This movement is within the framework of the celebration of National Tree Day and the first anniversary of the launch of this radio station.

Mr. Germain Wona was accompanied on this field trip by journalists, technicians and first responsibles for his radio.

In order to print a special stamp on the initiative, administrative and traditional authorities of Tsévié city went to  the new market of the city alongside the visitors. Throughout the operation, they accompanied and helped the delegation from Lomé in the planting of dozens of plants.

" Pyramide FM Radio in its specifications, the protection and preservation of the environment. It is in this sense we organize this reforestation ceremony to make possible concrete and our actions on the
ground. It is also an opportunity for us to accompany and support the government's efforts in the fight against global warming, "said at the end of the operation, Mr. Germain Wona, who did not fail to express its gratitude to  Tsévié Mayor for the "mobilization" of his people for the success of the operation.

This reforestation operation, expalained Pierrot Attiogbé, CEO of Pyramid FM Radio, aims to "fight against desertification." "Our radio is a radio committed to the fight against global warming and the environment protection  and all the actions that can contribute to halting the advance of the desert, we engage in," he informed and to celebrate the success of this initiative, which according to him "comes rigntly to the  efforts being undertaken by the Togolese authorities in the fight against global warming."

The Radio Pyramide initiative did not leave the marble  the authorities  of Tsévié city. Bruno Kossi Loglo, President of the Special Delegation of the city has "heartily" thanked Pyramid FM and its leaders for thinking of  Tsévié in the implementation phase of their project. "I would like from the deepest of my heart to say thank you to  the Radio Pyramide and specifically  to its CEO. We want to make our city, a city of energy and climate, "he entrusted and he is  backed in  this statement by theChief of Tsévié District, Togbui Passah Komlan Agbessi Assito Folly VIII, who promised to work to mobilize his people to take care of the seedlings planted.

Several other activities are on the agenda of the 1st anniversary of the establishment of Pyramide FM Radio, the news agency Afreepress learned from the staff.


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