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mardi, 22 août 2017 07:59

UNIR condemns “intolerance, hatred and violence” of PNP

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©Afreepress-(Lomé, August 22, 2017)- On Sunday, the ruling party, Union pour la République (UNIR), condemned the events that occurred 24 hours earlier in Lomé and other cities in the country, resulting in the deaths of two people and some wounded, as well as many damages.

This, the party said, is primarily a consequence of the attitude of the leaders of the Pan-African National Party (PNP) who, according to UNIR, refused to collaborate with the authorities on the routes to be followed for a “serene unfolding without overflowing demonstrations, in accordance with the norms and customs in the country and in all democratic systems throughout the world ".

UNIR activists say they condemn "acts of incivility, serious violence and physical assaults, particularly the perpetration against the security forces in the exercise of their tasks of maintaining order and security. The party said it was "viscerally attached to fundamental freedoms and, in particular, freedom of association and demonstration". Freedoms which he recommended should "be exercised in a peaceful manner, in accordance with the principles and ideals of the Republic and democracy as enshrined in the Togolese Constitution".

The ruling party promises to continue to work consistently for the consolidation of the process of national reconciliation initiated by the President of the Republic and the government in a spirit of dialogue and consultation. It also calls on the other political parties and Togolese to cultivate the spirit of fraternity and tolerance, and to refrain from any conduct and act prejudicial to peace and security which, in its view, "undermine economic and social progress and unity national "

Finally, the ruling party expressed its "compassion and support" to all people, Togolese and foreigners, who "suffered severely from the harmful effects of the violence and abuse perpetrated by demonstrators."

As a reminder, a demonstration of the PNP, an opposition party turned Saturday, 19th August, in violent clashes between demonstrators and police forces and caused the death of two people, material damage and more than 77 people arrested.

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