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According to INSEED, in Togo the tertiary sector has a weight of 47.1% in the GDP

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©Afreepress-(Lomé, sept. 2, 2017)- The “Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques et Démographiques (INSEED)” has made public and accessible, the document analyzing the economic activity of 2014 entitled "final national accounts of 2014". A document developed with the support of the government and its development partners.

The content of this document was the subject of a seminar at the beginning of last week. A meeting which allowed the detailed results obtained in each sector of activity to be shared and disseminated with the actors of the statistical system, decision-makers, economic operators, civil society and users of statistical data.

It was the representative of the Minister of Planning and Development, Essohanam Edjeou, who officially launched this seminar in the presence of the Director General of INSEED and a representative of the Ambassador of the European Union in Togo.

According to experts, the final national accounts for 2014 show a growth rate of 5.9%. This means that the tertiary sector represents in real terms the largest share of GDP in 2014, with a weight of 47.1%. The informal sector, for its part, contributes to the formation of the GDP to 39.3% against 40.1% in 2013.

The analysis of economic activity indicates that the GDP in 2014 is CFAF 2,259.0 billion compared with 2,134.5 billion in 2013, in nominal terms. In real terms, GDP stands at CFAF 1892.1 billion, an increase of 5.9% compared to its level of 2013. The document also indicates that Togolese economic activity is marked by the continuation of construction work and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure.

In this meeting, the Director General of INSEED, Kokou N'guissan, thanked the government and partners, in particular the European Union for their support in the realization of the final national accounts of Togo, which will be used for needs for macroeconomic analysis and forecasts. To this end, it reiterated its commitment to further develop and publish the final national accounts for 2015, which it said would be available by the end of 2017.

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