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In a world ruled by different  business, ICCC pleads for an authentic Christian life under God’s reign.

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©Afreepress-(Lomé, January 21st, 2018)- The International Christian Chamber of Commerce  of TOGO (ICCC-TOGO) held on Saturday, 20th January, 2018 at « Hotel 2 Février » in Lomé, a public conference on the theme: " The vineyard of my Beloved ". The purpose was for this group to bring Christians in business to realize what is the will of God for them in order to succeed and impact the business world while respecting His principles and values.

This public conference of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce of TOGO (ICCC-TOGO) was an opportunity for participants to share their experiences with others and build partnerships.

The initiative, explained the organizers, comes from the remark that in the business world, Christians are becoming more and more drawn far from God. GOD is supposed to be GOD in all the areas of our lives. The mission of the ICCC is to create the necessary spark and allow participants to truly search for God even as business people.

A hundred christian economic operators and professionals from various sectors of economic activity responded to the call of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce Group of Togo.

Two great communications marked this public meeting: "No one can serve two masters" and "The vineyard of my Beloved". Presentations at which Serge Biramah, president of the ICCC Togo group and the Point Focal of ICCC of TOGO (Stéphanie NABEDE) , emphasized on how the "Christians must love God with all their hearts, with all their souls and with all their strength. "There must be no other gods in our lives besides the Creator of the heavens and the earth," Serge Biramah suggested.

Money, falsehood, established systems of corruption, are the few elements that drive man away from God in favor of other adorations.

Finally, a prophetic prayer was made in favor of Togo, « which is going through a crisis situation that only God can solve », the organizers noted.

The International Christian Chamber of Commerce is a Christian organization founded in 1985. It is represented in more than 80 countries in the world by the national chambers.

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