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The Project "Do no Harm" of CJD aiming at promoting peace and togetherness in Togo

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©Afreepress-(Lomé, the 05th, March 2018)- The association called CJD and its partners, namely the University of Lomé (UL), the Togo  NGO's Union and the Center for social engineering research (CRISTO) launched this Saturday 3rd March 2018 the project "Do No Harm".

" This project is carried out by the group of civil society organizations in the vein of handling an NGO diplomacy that is to act and build a city of peace" said Mr Orphé Adom, the Vice-President of CJD to the press agency Afreepress.

This project answers to the question pertaining to the role that any civil society organization must play in the city to promote peace and togetherness. This is the main objective of the project "Do No Harm" as the association CJD and its partners said. This answer, continued the leaders of CJD is in the framework of the OSD particularly the number 16 of these Objectives of Sustainable Development. "We want to create a synergy of actions with the key players of the civil society organizations and the institutions that share the same values as we do such as peace and togetherness in order to fight against civic disobedience, violence, vandalism and the rejection of the institutions of the Republic" added Mr Orphé Adom.

A series of sensitisations is planned all over the country. "We want to contribute to a change in comportment and avoid rude and violent languages which destroy when making sociopolitical claims in workplaces, schools, universities and health centers" precised Mr Gabriel Batawila, the Managing Director of CRISTO.

He also invited all the Togolese to adopt the principle of peacemaking that consists of avoiding harming others. It is the foundation of the project named "Act to Build the City (ABC) launched by the same CJD last year" he emphasized on.

The CJD in the framework of this very project would seriously like to motivate Togo authorities in voting a bill to regulate the use of social media in favor of living together in peace.

Were present that day the Vice-President of the University of Lomé, Mr Komlan Batawila, several traditional chiefs and more than 300 managers of civil society organizations.

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