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Interview of Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : “The Polyglot Center is a cabinet providing translation and interpreting services in English-French-German-Spanish”

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©Afreepress-(Lomé, April 03, 2018) -Only some months after its inception, the international cabinet for translation, interpreting and languages "The Polyglot Center" is emerging and spreading thanks to the quality of its services and work.

Read the interview of the Director of this center, Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI.

Afreepress : Morning Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI. Good to have you. As the Managing Director of "The Polyglot Center", please tell us all about your cabinet.

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : The Polyglot Center is a cabinet providing translation and interpreting services in English-French-German-Spanish. We also train in the same languages. A tangible proof of our translation services is the English articles we offer you on your website in due time for your faithful readers all over the world.

We broaden our domains of expertise as we train in personal growth and leadership as well with a strong focus on Public Speaking. TOEFL is also in the range of expertise. Fear not when you need one of the best voices ever for your commercials or events. We are the right cabinet for you.

Why this center in Togo?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : We noticed in the USA that francophones are not represented as such, particularly Togo, in very important summits and initiatives for the youths because of English that becomes a serious barrier. In Washington DC in 2016, president Barack Obama encouraged us and sent us, francophone Alumni as ambassadors to spread English and solve that linguistic barrier. Indeed the needs are there and people and organizations long for good quality training in English particularly.

Do you have some contracts and calls so far from people?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : Oh yes, we do! There are even foreigners (some from Niger) who are learning English in our center. Though some people are complaining that we are far away from them, we would like, first of all, to say that our aim is to make English accessible to many a person, especially those in remote areas. Attiégou (where we are) is not full of such centers like ours. It is then a strategic location. Nevertheless, we would like to assure our potential clients that we have some other options for them in case they cannot be in our midst. We can come to you in your offices and houses to train you. In addition to that we are partnering with some ventures in order to get closer to you.

Who can benefit from your services?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : Everyone can contact us for our services: workers, students, parents themselves and for their children...

What are your relations (I mean of the cabinet) with the public and private institutions of Togo, your country?


Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : We are in good terms with them. We even worked for FAIEJ (the national funds to support the economic initiatives of young entrepreneurs), the Ministry of development from the grassroots. We are still in contact. Currently we have a contract with a big bank based in Togo.

Any other words to end it up, sir?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : I would like to thank the other Managing Director of The Polyglot Center, Mr KOUDAYA Ayao for his grand sense of leadership and commitment. He is such an open-minded person!

I also thank the young but very dynamic team of The Polyglot Center. I cannot forget our partners, namely Cloud9 at Agbalepedogan, ChomFactory and all the rest. It will be a crime to neglect Afreepress, a serious partner that sells us to the world. Special thanks to GAAT (the Global Alumni Association of Togo), DECLIC-TOGO and the US Embassy in Togo

To finish with, I thank you dear clients and potential clients.

Contacts: (00228) 90 79 83 32/ 92 40 46 25.

The Polyglot Center, " the power of communication at your door"

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