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The Agbonou High school won the second edition of the English National 

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, 13rd April 2018)- The Agbonou High school in Ogou district, won the second edition of the English National Competition on the 11, April 2018 in Lomé. A competition organized by the U.S Embassy in Togo in partnership with "Togo English Teachers Organisation", the Ministery of Primary and Secondary, and some private sector institutions. 

According to the organizers, this competition is aiming at promoting the English language in Togo.

Eight teams from the Five (05) regions of Togo, participated into the competition which are; lycée de Baguida ( High School of Baguida ),  Tsévié ville1, lycée moderne de Sokodé ( Modern High School of Sokodé ), Agbonou, Kombonloaga, Collège Protestant de Lomé ( Protestant High School of Lomé ), lycée Scientifique de Kara ( Scientific High School of Kara) and lycée de Kouma of Kpalimé.

All the candidates confronted with each other through different phases: debates, monologues, poetry, slams and sketchs, to show their mastery of the English language. 

A performance hailed by the U.S embassador in Togo, David Gilmour who pointed out that the English language is an international one and very important for college students. It is used in many fields: trade, sciences and technology, ITC and in the world of business. 

« I am very happy because it was not that easy. We have worked hard to win this competition », said, Ségbéaya Déo Gracia, leader of the English Club of lycée Agbonou. 

Each of the club that took part in the competition was rewarded by the different institutions ( partners ).

The competition began in the month of September 2017 with the participation of ten English clubs from colleges and high schools of Togo.

Yao O. Afle

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