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A workshop was organized at CERFER in Lomé on the future in the domain of rail works

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, April 13, 2018)- A regional workshop on the improvement of youth employability in the domain of rail transporations, from 10 to 13, April 2018 in Lomé, joined together experts from the members countries of the agreement in West Africa. Organized by the International Labour Office ( ILO ) in partnership with the Commisson of the Council ( Commission du Conseil de l’Entente ), the meeting is aimed at thinking on the perspectives of the work of rail which could lead to the realization of railway projects in the sub-region.

The opening ceremony of the meeting was presided by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports, Ninsao Gnafam with the presence of the representative of the Regional Director of ILO and the Executive Secretary of the Conseil de l’Entente.

This workshop, said  the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports, is a partnership agreement signed on the 13, February 2015 in Lomé between ( Centre Régional de Formation pour l’Entretien Routier (CERFER) the Regional Center of Training and the Maintenance of Road and the International Labour Office. 

This agreement is aiming at « reinforcing » the skills of  young people and « meet  » the coming needs in terms of qualification of human ressources for the construction, the exploitation and the maintenance of the railways’ networks project in undergoing rehabilitation,modernisation or to construct in the different countries of WEAMU and ECOWAS, he pointed out. 

During this three-week workshop, participants will have to reflect on the several themes : opportunity and the chaleenges of development of rail in West Africa, the role of the private sectors in rail developing in Africa, the needs in reinforcing the capacities and the opportunity for financing the rail sector.

According to the regional representative of the International Office of Labour, Yao KOUAME,  the recommandations taken during the workshop will be discussed during a meeting of the ministers of Transportations on the 13, April in Lomé.

Representatives from Bénin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger and Togo were present during the meeting.

Yao O. Afle

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