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Resumption plans for essential activities for the togolese companies.

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© Afreepress- (Lomé, April 23, 2018) - Togo has embarked in recent years on the modernization of digital infrastructures. From the interconnection of 500 administrative buildings to the development of the digital ecosystem of the government (e-gouv) through the reform of the public operator (Togo Cellular and Togotelecom muted in Togocom, the step taken is encouraging.

The Togolese, Hobli JOSHUA, consultant in telecommunications and media, production engineer in France welcomed on Monday, the initiatives taken by the government estimating that at this rate, in 20 years, Togo can become a real digital hub of the sub-region. region by improving its IT infrastructure by adopting a code of conduct and the right man in the right place. "The mutation in Togocom is commendable because we can consider it as Todo-com, which means to go to communication Even in France, France Telecom has become orange, it's an image issue. the country will want to be a regional leader in the matter, we will no longer see the direct identity of Togo, "he said. For him, the reform must be supported, especially, the dematerialization of services that the state offers to citizens. He cited in this case online tax payments, teleworking at university level or in hospitals; town halls that have to digitize birth certificates etc. "There is a need to reduce the use of paper in many services, and in Europe, even the paycheck, it is received in PDF - everything has to be paperless," he said.

Mr. Joshua explains that to achieve this, the offer of a good internet speed is important. He noted that the arrival of new ISPs is good news for users. It also suggests that banks and public or private organizations based in Togo have an average data center and set up a Business Resumption Plan (PRA). "In the event of a fire for example, the banks, access providers can lose their data. It must have one or two data centers so that when a site falls, the second can take over," said the engineer. Production, former provider to orange.

For this Togolese diaspora, currently in service to EDF, the leader in energy in France, his ambition is to build in Togo, a modern laboratory of real-time analysis. "If we encourage the return of the diaspora, unemployment will be reduced in the country.It is enough for leaders to offer the facilities and give people the freedom to invest the country will take off," he said .


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