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A founder of ANC speaks out the " humiliations and attacks "he has been subject to and says farewell to the party

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, May 2, 2018)- One of the founding fathers of the National Alliance for the Change (NAC) Mr Didier AMELA has officially resigned from the political party. He made the annoucement on Wednesday during a press conference in Lomé. His decision to definitely quit, is motivated by a personal choice and the ill treatment he observed.

He said "It is with great pain I am resigning". He then continued, saying that his decision is a personal vision and also because of some wrongdoings in the political party.

" When you are with some people and you notice and feel that you are not comfortable, you should advise yourself and leave", he said.

During the conference Mr AMELA, denounced the ill treatment that he and some militants and officials of the party are victims of by the principal leaders of the party. He mentioned Mr Jean-Pierre Fabre, the National President of the party.

"The malicious gossip, lies, scandals, humiliations and even tricks I am victim of every day from my own brothers, activists have seriously affected the trust and respect that cemented us" he said.

He quits but he is still a politician, he precised.

"This decision does not mean the end of my political career. Today I am just withdrawing from any commitments and I wish all the best to the political party’s aspirations" he added.

As regard to other news, Mr AMELA is appointed to running the publishing house "Harmattan" in Togo.

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