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AEN-Togo engaged in transforming poor and vulnerable children into talented photographers

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©AfreePress- (Lome, on January 4th, 2019) The New Hope - Association Espoir Nouveau Togo (AEN-Togo) carried out on Thursday, January 3, 2019 the official launch of its project called: “The African Child Photo and Film project”. This project aimed at the Training, Follow-up Support and Coaching and Equipment of the vulnerable children being taken care of in Orphanages with the end goal of helping them to realize their dreams of becoming Photographers and Photojournalists, and to give them a means of earning a living while continuing their studies.

The first phase of this project started last Thursday, January 3, 2019 in Lomé by a three (3) day Workshop organized for three young people from the “Jesus the Good Shepherd” orphanage located in Tsévié (35 km north of Lomé). This first workshop entitled “Numeric photography: Mastering the Camera and Digital Image”, focused on fundamentals of Photography and Photojournalism.

This first (Training) stage of the project which will last one year, will comprise a phase of training, follow-up and coaching, and supply of equipment (cameras and lenses) to the recipients.

We are launching today this project for some of the orphans we have been following up and supporting since 2005 at the “Jesus the Good Shepherd” orphanage. For years, our Association just as some few others, accompany this orphanage. But, because of limited resources, we focused ourselves only on the basic needs for these children, such as food provision, dress supply, school fees and stationaries provision, and other related needs. But the children are growing up, some have completed their secondary school and started University or pursuing vocational studies. We realized there was something crucial missing: they had no specific competency or skills they can use to gain their life by themselves, except their diplomas. This is much alarming when we consider the very high unemployment rate among the young people who complete their studies. Moreover, we consider that these young people have many stories to tell about their own life, as well as about the lives of the other children living in extreme poverty and which can help to mobilize the world for better defense and protection for children living in extreme poverty and vulnerability. These are the motivations and reasons why we decided to equip them with a technical training that they can actually professionally practice and earn a living and take charge of themselves”, declared Jerry Johnson, President of AEN - Togo, to the News Agency AfreePress.

After these three days of Training, he continued, these young people will go on the field for six months. “During the six months, the Supervisors of the Association will follow them up, coach them and and accompany them for the development of their talent, by mastering the use of their cameras a s well as the photography technics. At the end of the first quarter, we will initiate another workshop for needed adjustments and realignment for these youth beneficiaries. At the end of the six months we intend to organize another workshop for a Training on filming (production of video short videos) and a Photo Festival to present the photographs of these vulnerable young people to the public and to uncover their skills and talents”, he added.

According to Mr. Johnson, his Association intends to extend the project over the years to other orphanages all through the country in order to promote the development of the vulnerable children. This was also an opportunity for him to launch an appeal for the volunteers to contribute to and support this action.

Created since in 2001, Association Espoir Nouveau Togo (New Hope Association) contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of the vulnerable and abandoned children in Togo.

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