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Archbishop Philippe Fanoko Kpodzro is Skeptical about the Role of Traditional leaders in Togolese Society

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©AfreePress (Lomé, 30th of January 2019)- On Tuesday the 29 th of January, the man of God, Philippe Fanoko Kpodzro, came to Lomé to share his opinion on the legislative elections of the 20 th of December 2018.
The Archbishop was condemning the electoral process of last December that has led to the renewal of the National Assembly. He first rejected the legitimacy of the elections before, he questioned the place of traditional leaders in contemporary Togolese society.
‘’Do we still have trustworthy traditional authorities in the land of our ancestors, even religious authorities are supposed to protect and cherish our habits, customs and moral values? They must be able to free themselves from contingency and be able to tell the truth in all circumstances. Do we even have traditional chiefs in Togo who are comparable to Moro Nabo of Burkina Faso or the Ashante Hene of Kumasi Kingdom in Ghana? Who has not betrayed the trust of their people for enlargement of their own (material) interest?’’ Is what he wondered.
Archbishop Philippe Fanoko Kpodzro, continued and tried to raise awareness for his cause: ‘’Who doesn’t know that in Togo, there are no more wise men, no more honest dignitaries, no more old men who are not corrupted? These men used to be the pride of our beloved continent, Africa, and settled our disputes.’’ He urged people to take responsibility and advised: ‘’Put an end to these degrading practices that make us sink even deeper in the mud without any chance of change in the governance of our country.’’
Translated by Dzifa G.

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