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Eric Adja: 'Francophonie, Isn’t Just About the Language and Culture Anymore'

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, 12 of febuary 2019)- The West-African regional office of the International Organization for Francophone Countries (OIF) is located in Lomé. Last Friday, The OIF has presented three new publications regarding digitalization in the Francophone member states, Cyber Security and Defense, and the local level implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDG). The International Organization for Francophone Countries has of 88 member states and governments of which 27 are observers. The West-African regional office in Lomé is responsible for the 13 West-African countries in organization.

The publications released are part of the 2018 annual rapport of the organization, in which the current state of digitalization in the Francophone states is explained. The publications consists of a practical guide to Cyber Security and Cyber Defense as well as the sustainable development goals and their regional implementation. The officials of the West-African regional office, said that these publications are produced by stakeholders who are interested in the relevant areas. These stakeholders are believed to be able to collect relevant data on the digitalization of the francophone world and local planning of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2018 rapport highlights, amongst other things, the progress of the 2017-2018 period and how the member states are expected to continue in the future in this domain. The publications, (Digital Francophonie, Cyber Security and Cyber Defense Practical Guides and the SDG Integration Guide), aim to contribute to the improvement of people’s daily lives in modern francophone states.

As part of the 2020 strategy, the OIF takes initiative to encourage national representation of the population and the possibility to reflect on the country. The regional representative of the organization Eric Adja stated ‘’In 2020 we will celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the International Organization for Francophone countries. The mission of the organization has evolved over the years, originally we were only focused on the French language and culture, we are now also focused on francophone economics and digitalization. Through these publications we reflect on the changes in our organizations mission, the digital development in the francophone world, the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in the local communities and the Cyber Security in our member states and governments.’’

Translated by D. Gomashie

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