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Nigeria: Ogoni Widows Sue Oil Giant Shell

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, 12 of febuary 2019)- The Dutch based-oil company Shell who has been extracting oil from the Ogoni region in Nigeria since the 50’s is being sued by four widows of activists in the region. These four women are dragging Shell to court as they state that Shell is complicit for the execution of their husbands. Their husbands openly protested against the oil pollution shell caused in the Ogoni region in South-East Nigeria. There has been protests in the region since 1992 because of leaking pipelines and polluted environment, Ogoni people have been forced to leave the region.

In 1995, the husbands of Esther Koibel and Victoria Bera were arrested together with seven other activists, they were accused of the murder of four traditional Ogoni leaders. All nine of the activists pleaded not guilty and said that they were being set up. Nevertheless were all nine of them executed, it is believed that the executions were held to silence the Ogoni people.  

Today more than 20 years later the widows Koibel and Bera, are testifying in court to demand a compensation from Shell. Kiobel tears up in court as states her husband was ‘’ a kind hearted man, Shell came in to my life and forced her to live in poverty and become a refugee.’’ This traumatic experience she has lived with for the last two decades made her fight for justice for her husband. The widows’ lawyer states that Shell asked the ruling military government at that time to interfere and that they worked together with the Nigerian intelligence service. 

Thus far shell denies all accountability regarding the executions of the nine activists, including Kiobels and Bera’s husbands.

Gomashie D.


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