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The technical board created to reorganize the civils status registry has begun

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©AfreePress- (Lomé, February 18, 2019) - On February 12, 2019, the 16 members of the new technical board, appointed in August by presidential decree, officially took office. This after an official ceremony led by Payadouwa Boukpéssi, the minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Local authorities. This technical board will have the mission to reorganize the Togolese civil status registry system. The aim is to make it more efficient and at the service of the population.

The Minister of Administration said: ‘The civil status registration system is one of the government’s major concerns because, it is an important tool for development planning. Unfortunately, our civil registration system faces organizational and operational issues. Due to this situation the government, led by the head of state, has therefore found it necessary to face these challenges by creating a technical committee focused on civil status registry. Their main mission is to reorganize the civil status system in the country.’

According to the Minister, it will be the technical boards responsibility to make an extensive inventory of the civil status registry as well as to define the various actors involved in the production and exploitation process, lastly, they are expected to inform the authorities of any necessities needed to perform their task.

‘’The board works for the improvement of the civil status registry system in Togo. After the local elections, which will be organized in a few months, throughout the country, 117 mayors (civil status registers) will be installed.’’ Added the minister of Administration.

The board reassured the government that they will execute their mission in the interest of the population. The president of the board Lardja Douti stated: ‘’We will make a realistic inventory in terms of our staff, our capacity and recruitment but, also look at the equipment, since we are talking about digitalization this can only be achieved if the civil status registry centers have electricity. With  the creation of 117 townships, it is necessary that they are distributed everywhere, so we can be closer to the population.’’

Translated by D. Gomashie

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