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Togo-EU Forum in Lomé, expects more than 300 European investors

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© AfreePress- (Lomé, February 13, 2019)-On the 13th and 14th of June, Lomé will be hosting the Togo-European Union Forum. This was announced on Friday the 8 th of February, during a Forum on African business in Paris where a Togolese delegation was present.

The Togolese delegation consisted of the Minster of Commerce, the Private Sector and Local Consumption, Kodzo Adedze, the secretary of state in charge of Business Climate, Sandra Johnson, the president of the chamber of Commerce and Industry in Togo (CCIT), Germain Meba, and the Togolese ambassador in Paris, Calixte madjoulba. They took advantage of their time in Paris to present the National Development Plan (NDP) of 2018-2022 to French entrepreneurs as an introduction to the Togo-EU Forum, which will take place in June.

At this Togo-EU Forum held in Lomé, the Togolese government will try to obtain funding for the National Development Plan and convince international investors to contribute to the realization.

More than 300 European investors are expected in Lomé, a hundred investment projects as well as the three broad lines of the NDP will be presented during this forum. The NDP has the ambitious goal to create massive employment and wealth, and increase government actions which benefit the most vulnerable.

The implementation of the NDP 2018-2022 will cost, according to the government, 4.7 trillion CFA Francs (7.3 billion Euros). 65% of the total cost are expected to be financed by the private sector, almost 3 trillion CFA francs.

In September 2018, the government already presented the NDP to Chinese investors during a Forum a Togo-China Business Forum in Hangzhou.

Translated by D. Gomashie

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