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Arrests for Selling and Building on Public Property

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©AfreePress -(Lomé, February 26, 2019)-Early this morning the local police arrived in GTA. The property they invaded has been illegally used for car sales. The men who sold cars on the property had also build houses on the location. After repeatedly being asked to move their business elsewhere the sales men refused to leave.

A new location was prepared for them but they still refused to leave the property. They firmly believed that they would lose customers if they would move to a different location.

This location is close to a road and customers know where to find them. However they did built and worked on ground that was not legally theirs but, a public space.

After several attempts the police decided to take action this tuesday morning and showed up armed with batons, firearms and an excavator. The excavator was used right away to dig a large hole around the property to make sure it would be impossible for cars to enter again.

This led to a heated encounter between the police and the sales men, eventually only one man was arrested and taken to the police station. After the arrest the aggression against the police was far less and the sales men just watched while the excavator destroyed their work environment. Every car that was in the way was pushed away or crushed by the monstrous machine as well as the small houses that were built on the property.

The government plans to build a children hospital or something similar that serves the public on the property.

D. Gomashie

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