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Nigeria’s Presidential Elections : Buhari Stays for a Second Term

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©AfreePress -(Lomé, February 27, 2019)- On Saturday the 23th of February, the polls of the Nigerian presidential elections were finally opened. After the elections were postponed for a week, Nigerians where finally able to vote for their next president. 

Counting started right after the polls closed, but results did not come in until Monday morning. The official results were supposed to be published on Monday night but counting took longer and were finalized on Tuesday the 26. 

The final results show that Muhammadu Buhari, who was running for a second term wins again. With a difference of almost four million votes he can continue his presidency for another four years. 

During his last term, Buhari has been absent for some time due to illness. The Vice president stepped in to take over while he recovered. The president still continues to suffer from health issues but is nevertheless determined to take on the problems Nigeria is facing.

The challenges Buhari will be facing during his second term are, The Nigerian economy that still depends largely on oil exports. The country has been in recession since 2016 and half of the Nigerian population lives in extreme poverty. 

Buhari is expected to fight the everlasting issues with corruption. Even though he was also suspected of corruption during his presidential campaign. Lastly does Nigeria have a national security issue because extremist Muslim groups such as Boko Haram are active in the norther part of the country. It wouldn’t be an easy task for the president to face all these challenges. 

Buhari is from a northern state and was born into a Muslim family. This largely contributed to Buhari’s win.

The overall turnout of the elections was the lowest in 20 years, only 35% of the registered voters actually voted on Saturday. In the southern states this percentage was even lower, in some states even under 20%. 

In the northern states the turnout was around 50 %. This large difference in turnout helped Buhari considerably with his win. 

The low turnout shows that the population has very little trust in the politics of it country and doesn’t seem to believe real change will occur with this presidency.

Nigerian has an extremely young population, 60% is under 25 and either not allowed to vote or does not have faith in the current politics. The validity of these elections could be questioned, as not only the majority of the population is not allowed to vote but the Nigerians who were eligible to vote mostly stayed home as well. 

The opposition therefore rejects these elections and refuses to sign. They believe that the results were manipulated, not valid and plan on going to court to fight the results. 

Meanwhile Buhari supporter celebrate the win of their president.

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