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The prefecture Dankpen, opens new market

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©AfreePress- (Lomé, February 27, 2019)- In the context of the Emergency Program for Community Development (PUDC), President Gnassingbé was present at the opening of the departmental market and rural roads in Dankpen, located 450km North-West of Lomé.

The construction of the Dankpen market started in March 2017, the community expressed their need to the leaders of the National Agency for Development Support at the Base (ANADEB), who since then have tried to facilitated their needs.

The community asked for a modern market and infrastructure adapted to the size of their commercial activities. The project has cost more than 470 million CFA francs and consists of an administrative block, shops, toilets, sheds and shelters for poultry and cattle, a butchers shop and a waste dump.

The prefectures of Dankpen and Doufelgou benefit not only from the market but, also from the rural roads that connect Alloum to Namon, Namon to Guerin-Kouka, Guerin-Kouka to Kidjaboum and Kidjaboum to Katchamba, these rural roads have been renovated for 2.5 bilion CFA.

During the ceremony, Commander Gnakou Aloegnim of Dankpen, expressed his gratitude to the Togolese government on behalf of the community. The new roads has given the local community an international connection to Benin, Ghana and Burkina Faso.

This architectural work of the new market will make the commercial activities in this community easier, he said.

Besides the rural roads and the market, in the region of Kara, the PUDC contributed to the construction of eight schools, two high schools and two colleges of general education, the construction of the Awandjelo health center, the renovation of administrative, educational and health facilities in a dozen schools, colleges and high schools in the region.

All of these projects received technical support from the United Nations Development Program.

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