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Human Rights Night, Edition III : Compassion International Togo being awarded the best International Organization 2018

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©AfreePress- (Lomé, March 4, 2019)- The third edition of the Human Rights Night took place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at Agora Senghor, Lomé. Organized by the CACIT (a forum of Associations against impunity) in Togo, the Human Rights Night is an evening of awards and distinctions to the various actors involved in the fields of Human Rights. The President of CACIT Mawuli SPERO did not fail to recall the framework of this celebration which, as far as he is concerned, is important. "The Human Rights Night is a celebration of human dignity through the rewarding of those who uphold this dignity," he said in his opening speech of the evening.

For the year 2018, several associations, NGOs and personalities were awarded for their commitment to the cause of humanity. Among them, was Compassion International Togo, a Christian NGO engaged in the protection and defense of Child’s rights. Being awarded best actor in the field of Child Protection during the previous edition, this NGO has been awarded the price of the Best International Organization in 2018. Compassion International's efforts are well known. Established in Togo since 2008, Compassion is specialized in the holistic development of children and young people through sponsorship. It mainly partners with Evangelical churches established in Togo. Currently, Compassion International covers all the regions of our country either through its QAVAH program or through the Child and Youth Development Centers. In total more than 60,000 beneficiaries are registered in the program and many of them are already enrolled in universities.

Mr. Koffi AHONON, representing the National Director at this ceremony, did not skimp and save words to thank the CACIT and its partners. According to him, this recognition is dedicated to the children and other beneficiaries of the program and the various actors who work on the field. “Indeed”, he continued saying that, "thanks to Compassion's efforts in our country, thousands of children have hope for a brighter future."

It should be remembered again that Compassion International provides its beneficiaries with school supplies, support in their studies, technical and vocational training, health care, trainings in entrepreneurship and other topics. In order to enable them to live in a non-hostile environment, Compassion International supports its Church partners in income-generating initiatives for parents and in the building of facilities such as boreholes and classrooms.

Yet in 2016, Compassion International Togo was ranked the best donor according to the governmental report of the Public Aid to Development in front of the European Union and the World Bank with a total of 46,58 million FCFA, the equivalent of 14,41% of the Public Aid to Development in Togo.

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