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The government compiled local actors for a better distribution of het National Development Plan 2018-2022.  

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© AfreePress- (Lomé, March 4, 2019) - In order to popularize the National Development Plan (PND 2018-2022), the government organized, last Saturday March 2, a training session for development actors from the five regions of the country. This training session was held under supervision of the Councilor of the Head of State, Kanka-Malik NATCHABA.

This training was held as a prelude of the official launch of the PND scheduled for 4 March 2019 in Lomé. It aims to bring the participants, the heads of regional services, civil society, NGOs, and the local media together to understand the content of the PND, that aims to make Togo an emerging country in the sub-region. 

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Cooperation, Etsri Homevor, said: "The government sees the NDP as a frame of reference for conducting all public development actions on economic, social and other issues. It is important to ensure that all the actors involved are fully aware of the contours of the PND and know the details of this ambitious plan adopted by the government. These local actors could effectively carry out programs, actions and activities to achieve the objectives. So in the framework of national expansion, it is important that beyond Lomé, the development actors of other regions are informed of the content, vision as well as the strategic planning of the PND, they are able to forward this information at a local level, especially in local languages.’’ 

Developed around three objectives, the PND 2018-2022 has the overall objective to structurally transform the economy, to create ‘’strong, sustainable, resilient, inclusive growth, creating decent jobs and leading to improved social wellbeing.’’ Homevor added.

Translated by D. Gomashie

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