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mardi, 05 mars 2019 09:25

The Togolese Football Federation punishes Gbikinti, Foadan et Kotoko FC severely for violence in their stadiums

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© AfreePress- (Lomé, March 4, 2019)- The Disciplinary Committee of the Togolese Football Federation (FTF) has taken action against violence. The FTF promised to be "ruthless" in case of violence in Togo’s football stadiums. The Disciplinary Committee has therefore decided to punish after observing the first division matches between Gbikinti FC and Gomido FC, Foadan FC against Dyto FC and Kotoko FC vs Arabia FC in the second division. 

The match between Gbikinti FC and Gomido FC escalated, the team hosting Gbikinti FC is found responsible for the objects throwing, threats, invasion of ground, attacks of officials and overall failure of the safety. 

The Disciplinary Committee decided that Gbikinti was responsible for the safety insurance during the match. 

The official statement of the FTF states: ’’The Committee, has decided to fine Gbikinti FC, one million CFA francs for improper behavior of its supporters, according to articles 68.1 and 68.3 of the disciplinary code.”

In addition, they are not allowed to play at home for two years, on behalf of the National Championship of the first division or the second division. 

The Gbikinti FC team is also ordered to pay for the additional medical expenses of referees in Kara, which amount to 40,000 CFA francs for Mr. Siame Koffi and 35,000 CFA francs for MR. Essozimana Tchaa, according to article 30.2 of the disciplinary code, they also have to pay Mr. Essozimana Tchaa 50,000 CFA francs to cover the loss of sports and work equipment, stolen by supporters, stated the statement of the FTF.

 The committee also decided to charge Gbikinti FC with the travel expenses of the Commissioner for the match (round trip Sokodé-Lomé) for his appearance before the Disciplinary Committee. 

Foadan FC faced the same accusations, after they hosted a match against the team Dyto FC.

The Committee decided to fine Foadan FC, 500,000 CFA francs for improper behavior of its supporters.

 Dapaong Municipal Stadium is suspended for one year on behalf of the National First and Second Division Championships, and Foadan FC is ordered to pay the travel expenses for the Match Commissioner (round trip Sokodé -Lomé) and the Referee (round-trip Kara-Lomé) for their appearance before the Disciplinary Committee. 

During the match of Kotoko FC vs Arabia FC, the Committee noted throwing of objects, attacks on officials and an invasion of the ground. The Committee also fines Kotoko FC, they have to pay 300,000 CFA francs for improper behavior of its supporters, according to Articles 68.1 and 68.3 of the disciplinary code, Kotoko FC is sentenced to a ground ban of 6 months on behalf of the National Championships second and third division. 

The FTF Committee recalled that these decisions are subject to appeal within a ten day period. 

Translated by D. Gomashie

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