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mardi, 16 avril 2019 12:27

Social Works: A new home site of SOS Children's Village opened in Kamina

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© AfreePress- (Lomé, April 12, 2019) - Parents, children, administrative authorities, religious and donors ... were present this Thursday, April 11, 2019 alongside the leaders of SOS Children's Village for the inauguration of the new premises of the Atakpamé Program, Kamina (about 15 km from the city of Atakpame).

This building is in addition to that of Afeye Kpota, to extend the activities of this institution to a greater number of children in need of protection in the Ogou prefecture.

From SOS homes to the computer room to rooms and playgrounds, everything is there to provide a warm home for the children of Kamina. "This new village supports the Atakpamé Program to improve the quality of care, living standards and development of children who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care through their access to services. basic essentials, "Arcadius Toeppen, Director of the Program at Atakpamé, said during the ceremony.

The village plans to provide some 1,586 children - who have lost family care or are at risk of losing it - to growing up in a protective family environment by 2020.

Indeed, the analysis of the situation of children that SOS Children's Village realizes each 3 years, revealed in 2013 that in Kamina, out of the 420 children counted, 23 (5%) have already lost parental care , 153 (36%) are at high risk of losing it among them there are 244 children who live with both parents but sometimes in difficult economic conditions.

Across the city of Atakpamé, the survey reveals that 1,818 children or 5% have lost care while 15,519 (40%) are at high risk of losing it. "With these villages we build families for children, help them to design their own future and take part in the development of their communities," said SOS Children's Village National Director Togo, Ms. Bakoussam Manzi-Nika.

The SOS Children's Village Atakpamé program is created with the sole purpose of improving the situation of children in the Plateaux region through interventions in three (3) areas.

The first concerns the implementation of a care program for children and young people and takes into account the SOS family components integrated into the communities, the Foster Family Promotion, the transit house for the reception and counseling of trafficked children and a family strengthening program.

The second area facilitates access to quality education for children and young people. The third is oriented towards promoting quality health care for children.

"Today, communities benefiting from SOS programs are more sensitive to the rights and protection of children and the importance of quality alternative care and show progress towards sustainability and resilience. ", Welcomed the International Director of SOS Children's Villages for West and Central Africa, Benoît PIOT.

Advances saved

After the launch of the Program in 2017 in Atakpame, we can already note the construction of 6 family houses in the Kamina and Afeye Kpota communities and two transit houses in Kamina; Admission of 13 children to SOS families including 06 girls, 03 children in foster care including 01 daughter and a daughter in a transit house. Similarly, 801 children and 224 families are admitted to the family strengthening program.

The program also transfers skills to families and communities. This through an exchange with child protection actors, on the care of SOS Children Village Atakpamé.

To date, 20 host families are accredited and trained. In addition, the renovation of 6 school buildings in 4 partner schools, the construction of 4 blocks of school latrines and drilling.

Still in the logic of skills transfer, 70 teachers have had their capacities strengthened.

As a result, the program allows communities to develop a functional community protection mechanism.

SOS Children's Village is an international, apolitical and secular social development organization that respects the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is present in 135 countries around the world and has been working in Togo for 40 years. Today it operates on four sites (Lomé, Kara, Dapaong and Atakpamé) thanks to the support of benefactors of Sweden in this case the company AstraZeneca and The Astrid Lindgren Company.

Since 2017, she also benefits from an annual grant from the Togo government



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