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The Togolese diaspora called upon to stop any action of misinformation about HCTE

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, 23rd July 2019)- The High Council of the Togolese Diaspora (HCTE) launched by the Minister Robert Dussey to ensure the Togolese diaspora to be well structured and become an ideal partner of the Togolese citizens, causes feelings of mistrust and questions from the Togolese diaspora in Belgium, an organization of Togolese citizens living in Belgium. 

In an announcement released on the 16th July, the organization has denounced the conditions under which HCTE was established and called upon the Togolese diaspora not to support the minister Dussey’s approach.

48 hours after the announcement release, the minister Robert Dussey stepped out to the plate answering point by point to the criticisms raised by the Togolese diaspora in Belgium. « The High Council of the Togolese Diaspora is a recommendation of the meetings held in 2014 in Africa, Europe and America. No one can fraudulently use your personal data for any appropriate purpose in Togo. Our commitment as authorities is to serve the population. We need you to get registered», Twitter comments of the Minister to the Togolese Diaspora.

According to the Minister, the establishment of the High Council of the Togolese Diaspora (HCTE) is a part of the « vision of the government to work towards strengthening its policies toward the Togolese diaspora. This initiative is to improve the partnership between the government and the diaspora». « The minister wishes to clarify that one of the key recommendations is the establishment of the High Council after some meetings held in Paris, Montréal and Lomé in 2014. Thus justifying the project as a priority to the Togolese government toward the diaspora. Furthermore, the minister would like point out that in many West African countries, the High Council playing a major role between the diaspora and the government, is an institution often promoted by national authorities», the minister’s announcement released on the 17th July 2019.

Robert Dussey, in the press release, calls upon the Togolese diaspora to « stop any action of misinformation about HCTE ».

The High Council of the Togolese Diaspora (HCTE), noted by the Minister of foreign Affairs and African Integration, will be an advisory body, non-partisan, non-discriminatory and non-profit. It shall not be affiliated to any belief orientation nor political philosophy. It seeks to bring foreign Togolese citizens together regardless of origin ; ethnic, religious, social, gender and profession or opinion : to promote human rights defense and their common rights and interests, to foster and support the contribution of Togolese citizens in all different domains of economic development, environmental, social and cultural, to ensure the active participation of the diaspora in the public affairs and provide supports to Togolese diaspora citizens living in difficult conditions.

Translated by O. Yao Afle

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