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National Child Welfare Policy validation for Child protection improvement in Togo.  

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A validation workshop gathered since yesterday about fifty actors around the National Child Welfare Policy at the Saint Georges Hotel in Tsévié, a city located about thirty kilometers north of the city of Lomé. 

This workshop will focus on the 2019-2030 National Child Welfare Policy, which is a response to the major challenges and issues identified in the analysis of the situation in child protection sector. Its overall objective is to ensure the well-being of children through the promotion of child and family protection, the promotion of survival, birth registration, and improved governance of the sector. 

Mr. Victor TOGBE, representing the Prefect of Zio, emphasized on the importance of the of the child holistic development, an action that is at the heart of the government's program. The 2019-2030 PNBE therefore draws its foundations from the major challenges related to child protection; the Head of State's vision of society from which the Government's General Policy Statement is derived, national policies and strategies, in particular the National Development Plan (PND 2018-2022) and the national framework applicable to child protection. It takes into account the African Union's Agenda 2040 for Africa's Children, the ECOWAS 2020 Strategic Framework for Strengthening National Child Protection systems and the various international and regional commitments on children's rights. 

For the National Director of Compassion International Togo Mr. Antonin AZOTI, whose organization is a partner in the framework of the PNBE validation, the global development of the child is the unique concern of his organization. That is why he is pleased to be present at this critically important workshop. "We believe that the protection of children is at the heart of God. It is also a response to Christ's mandate to care for and protect His little ones," he said. 

Speaking in turn, Mr Stanislas BILEBA, General Secretary of the Ministry of Social Action, Women Promotion of and Literacy, representing the Minister, insisted on the fact that the national policy in question corrects some irregularities because he said, "it is reproached to him for making more reference to international priorities, to the detriment of the legitimate aspirations and needs of the grassroots populations".

It is important for Togo to have a new policy, a national reference framework, that is better adapted to the best interests of the child to better prevent violations of his or her rights and to respond more effectively to his or her specific needs, while taking into account the immediate environment. Clearly, it is important to go beyond protection to consider the child's needs in a comprehensive way so as to ensure the child's overall well-being.   

It should be recalled that this workshop is an initiative of the General Directorate of Child Protection supported by its technical and financial partners such as UNICEF, Plan Togo and Compassion International Togo. 

Compassion International Togo believes that children must be known, loved and protected. In 2018, it directly trained nearly 2000 people on child protection issues. The trainers then extended their knowledge to more than 5000 workers in child development centers.

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