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Compassion Top Students Awarded

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©AfreePress-(Lomé, 6 Sept 2019)- For the 4th time, Compassion International Togo awarded its top students who have successfully passed various exams with highest performances. From the Primary school certificate to the university entrance diploma, they were some one hundred and six (106) students to receive school supplies, Christian books, bicycles and scholarships. Some even received cash. 

This event called “KALOS” which means “Excellence”, is an opportunity to the Church and Compassion to promote formal education of children and young people from low-income and disadvantaged families. It also boosts children's academic results and develops in them the culture of excellence, one of Compassion’s core values.  

Mr. Kodjovi Gbekou, representing Compassion’s National Director revealed that “Education is one of the main pillars of Compassion’s holistic child and youth development program”.  “To date, 55% of beneficiaries are in primary school, 35% in secondary school, 5% in university and 5% in vocational training” he added.

On behalf of the Minister of primary and secondary schools, M. Felix Edjam congratulated the beneficiaries for their hard work and engagement towards excellence. “With you, the government is sure the future of our nation is assured”, he articulated. To lay emphasis on his thought, Mr. Edjam quoted Nelson Mandela, “Young people must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive the highest education possible so that they can represent us well in future as future leaders”. For him, there won’t be any change if youths don’t seriously grab opportunities to focus on Education. 

He then encouraged them to keep up the good work they have started, as they run away from bad companies. He also seized the opportunity to appreciate Compassion and its church partners. “The government, through my voice, appreciates Compassion International for its huge actions in the country” he concluded. 

The “KALOS” Award ended an educational and professional orientation week organized by Compassion International and its partners. 

Coming from all the regions of the country, the recipients and about one thousand five hundred (1,500) other students were gathered from the 28th to the 30th August 2019 at the Togolese Trade fair center (CETEF) of Lomé for an educational and professional orientation. This meeting is timely as national statistics reveal that more than 50% of students at all levels and from different branches are not comfortable with the choice of their university stream. Most of them waste one of two years to settle themselves before identifying their suitable branch. Some even abandon their studies because they have wasted resources without any tangible results. Thus, Compassion organized these orientation days to help improve the educational and vocational orientation of secondary school students so that they can make appropriate choices regarding their school and career plans. 

With a large smile and hearts full of joy, the recipients celebrated the faithfulness of the Lord, together with their mentors and pastors invited for the circumstance. 

Operating in Togo since 2008, Compassion International covers all regions of Togo, either through QAVAH, its community development program, or through its formal partnership establishing Child Development Centers (CDCs). To date, Compassion partner with 278 local churches with more than 66,000 beneficiaries across Togo.

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