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Women's International Day, women from Compassion International broke into a hospital in Lomé

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©AfreePress- In order to honor, value and celebrate women on the 8th of March, Compassion International Togo’s women mobilized themselves and went to the Sylvanus Olympio University Hospital in the maternity ward to serve premature babies with gifts. These women, faithful to the values of their Christian organization, brought baby nappies, boxes of milk, soaps, bleach, food, in short everything a woman needs after giving birth.

"...Our approach today is to think of the women who did not have the opportunity to celebrate March 8 because they were here and also of the babies to whom we want to demonstrate the love of Christ in the sense that we are always in the objective of Compassion which is to deliver children from poverty," said Sarah KAGLAN Senior Manager of Business Support at Compassion International Togo before calling on these mothers to teach the values of rights that the young girls have from home.

The gesture of these women of Compassion International delighted the hearts of the beneficiaries who thanked God for such an opportunity because they were not awaiting this. They felt so happy and so joyful as laughter came on their leaves on that specific day.

They encouraged their visitors to keep up these good works to the glory of God. Compassion International Togo is a non-profit organization that focused on child holistic development and partners with church denominations across the country. Its aim is to advocate for needy children and defend their rights by delivering them from their spiritual, physical, social and economic poverty.

Currently, more than 70,000 children and youths are registered in its program.

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