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©AfreePress-(Lomé, 13rd April 2018)- The Agbonou High school in Ogou district, won the second edition of the English National Competition on the 11, April 2018 in Lomé. A competition organized by the U.S Embassy in Togo in partnership with "Togo English Teachers Organisation", the Ministery of Primary and Secondary, and some private sector institutions. 

According to the organizers, this competition is aiming at promoting the English language in Togo.

Eight teams from the Five (05) regions of Togo, participated into the competition which are; lycée de Baguida ( High School of Baguida ),  Tsévié ville1, lycée moderne de Sokodé ( Modern High School of Sokodé ), Agbonou, Kombonloaga, Collège Protestant de Lomé ( Protestant High School of Lomé ), lycée Scientifique de Kara ( Scientific High School of Kara) and lycée de Kouma of Kpalimé.

All the candidates confronted with each other through different phases: debates, monologues, poetry, slams and sketchs, to show their mastery of the English language. 

A performance hailed by the U.S embassador in Togo, David Gilmour who pointed out that the English language is an international one and very important for college students. It is used in many fields: trade, sciences and technology, ITC and in the world of business. 

« I am very happy because it was not that easy. We have worked hard to win this competition », said, Ségbéaya Déo Gracia, leader of the English Club of lycée Agbonou. 

Each of the club that took part in the competition was rewarded by the different institutions ( partners ).

The competition began in the month of September 2017 with the participation of ten English clubs from colleges and high schools of Togo.

Yao O. Afle

©AfreePress-(Lomé, le 13 avril 2018)- The coalition of the 14 political parties of the opposition (C14) is organizing demonstrations in the streets on 11, 12 and 14, April, 2018 in Lomé and in many other cities to express dissastifaction about the government, which according to them, « their aspirations are not taken into account ».  

The announcement of the protests was made on  the 13 April, during a meeting with Togolese and international press. During the press conference leaders of the coalition of the 14 political parties made a report on the meeting held with the facilitator, the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo.

A declaration read by the Secretary General of  the Committee for Action and Renewal  (CAR), Jean Kissi, the Coalition of the 14 political parties decided to protest against « the acts posed by the government in flagrant violation of the spirit of the dialogue».  

These include the process continuation of the unilateral preparation of the elections « despite the commitments made by RPT-UNIR », the systematic ban of the public demonstrations including those organized by the civil society organizations and the unions, the multiplication of measures of harassments and arrests of the leaders of the organizations of the civil society and the ongoing state of siege in te cities of Sokodé, Bafilo et Mango.

The facilitator, said the Coalition, stated in his reply to have received a delegation which expressed the concerns of the President of the Republic of Togo Faure Gnassingbé, regarding the delay in the electoral process and the consequences that it could have on the constitutional deadlines for the organization of the election.

The facilitator said, he pointed out to the governmental delegation the electoral process is one of the key points of the dialogue; besides that, he gave the list of the 60 persons in custody to the Presiedent who promised to work on their release.

It should be noted that the President Nana Akufo-Addo promised to the coalition work on the decision taken by the Coalition to continue the protests despite the ban.

Yao O. Afle

©Afreepress-(Lomé, April 03, 2018) -Only some months after its inception, the international cabinet for translation, interpreting and languages "The Polyglot Center" is emerging and spreading thanks to the quality of its services and work.

Read the interview of the Director of this center, Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI.

Afreepress : Morning Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI. Good to have you. As the Managing Director of "The Polyglot Center", please tell us all about your cabinet.

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : The Polyglot Center is a cabinet providing translation and interpreting services in English-French-German-Spanish. We also train in the same languages. A tangible proof of our translation services is the English articles we offer you on your website in due time for your faithful readers all over the world.

We broaden our domains of expertise as we train in personal growth and leadership as well with a strong focus on Public Speaking. TOEFL is also in the range of expertise. Fear not when you need one of the best voices ever for your commercials or events. We are the right cabinet for you.

Why this center in Togo?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : We noticed in the USA that francophones are not represented as such, particularly Togo, in very important summits and initiatives for the youths because of English that becomes a serious barrier. In Washington DC in 2016, president Barack Obama encouraged us and sent us, francophone Alumni as ambassadors to spread English and solve that linguistic barrier. Indeed the needs are there and people and organizations long for good quality training in English particularly.

Do you have some contracts and calls so far from people?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : Oh yes, we do! There are even foreigners (some from Niger) who are learning English in our center. Though some people are complaining that we are far away from them, we would like, first of all, to say that our aim is to make English accessible to many a person, especially those in remote areas. Attiégou (where we are) is not full of such centers like ours. It is then a strategic location. Nevertheless, we would like to assure our potential clients that we have some other options for them in case they cannot be in our midst. We can come to you in your offices and houses to train you. In addition to that we are partnering with some ventures in order to get closer to you.

Who can benefit from your services?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : Everyone can contact us for our services: workers, students, parents themselves and for their children...

What are your relations (I mean of the cabinet) with the public and private institutions of Togo, your country?


Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : We are in good terms with them. We even worked for FAIEJ (the national funds to support the economic initiatives of young entrepreneurs), the Ministry of development from the grassroots. We are still in contact. Currently we have a contract with a big bank based in Togo.

Any other words to end it up, sir?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : I would like to thank the other Managing Director of The Polyglot Center, Mr KOUDAYA Ayao for his grand sense of leadership and commitment. He is such an open-minded person!

I also thank the young but very dynamic team of The Polyglot Center. I cannot forget our partners, namely Cloud9 at Agbalepedogan, ChomFactory and all the rest. It will be a crime to neglect Afreepress, a serious partner that sells us to the world. Special thanks to GAAT (the Global Alumni Association of Togo), DECLIC-TOGO and the US Embassy in Togo

To finish with, I thank you dear clients and potential clients.

Contacts: (00228) 90 79 83 32/ 92 40 46 25.

The Polyglot Center, " the power of communication at your door"

©Afreepress-(Lomé, March 8, 2018) - A training session for executives of three Togolese public companies, focusing on regulatory and practical aspects of corporate governance, was concluded on Friday, March 2 in Lomé. Initiated by Togo Invest Corporation Ltd., this training session, said Mrs Cynthia E. GNASSINGBE-ESSONAM, Secretary General of Togo Invest Corporation Ltd., not only helped to build the capacity of these executives, but also provided them with the opportunity to "learn best practices regarding the corporate governance instruments and mechanisms that need to be put in place to create an institutional framework conducive to investment".

The training was provided by two "eminent professors" of Law that are: Professor Abdoulaye SAKHO, Associate of the Law Faculties at the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD) and member of the Senegalese Institute of Administrators (ISA) and Me Charles MOUMOUNI, Lawyer at ''DS Avocat Canada'' and Professor at the University of Laval (Canada), Co-Chairman of the Pan-African Institute for Economic and Financial Governance (IPAGEF), Vice-President of the International Francophone Agora. It was moderated by Dr Médard BACKIDI, Director of Studies at the ERSUMA (Ecole Régionale Supérieure de la Magistrature) of OHADA.

Specifically, participants have been trained during five (05) days on good governance standards provided by the Organisation for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the G-20. According to a statement from Togo Invest Corporation Ltd., the participants '' have been trained on  (i) the generalities on << corporate governance >>; (ii) stakeholders and the relationship between them; (iii) corporate bodies; (iv) the duties and responsibilities of directors and corporate officers; (v) the governance of public, private and non-profit companies; (vi) the means of control, evaluation and sanction ; (vii) governance as a tool for managing issues, ethics and social responsibility; (viii) governance as a crisis management tool; and (ix) strategic governance and communication plan ".

At the end of this meeting, which started on 26 February, several recommendations were made to ensure good governance of Togolese Public Companies.

The trainers demanded that managers attending this training session, to raise awareness among directors and company managers about the usefulness of corporate governance, and to encourage directors and company managers to build capacity in corporate governance, to draw up governance standards taking into account the ethical dimension (Governance Code), to set up a Togolese Institute for Directors and to bring Law 90-26 of December 4, 1990 on public companies into line with Community legislation on corporate governance.

The companies that sent their managers to this training session are: Togo Invest Corporation Ltd, Togo Oil Company Ltd and the  Port Authority of Lomé. This training was conducted by trainers from the Regional Higher School of Magistracy (ERSUMA) of OHADA.

Let's remember that Togo Invest Corporation Ltd is an investment holding company created by the Togolese State to lead the development and implementation of strategic investments by and for the State in order to create wealth for the Togolese economy and its population.

The Polyglot Center, "le pouvoir de la communication à votre portée" (00228 90 79 83 32/ 92 40 46 25.

©Afreepress-(Lomé, March 08, 2018)- To the invitation of Ghana President, facilitator in the Togolese crisis, a delegation of the opposition party and the government went to Accra in Ghana on 07 March, 2018. According to Ghana web site information, discussions between the facilitator and his guests were “fruitful”.  At this occasion, reports this newspaper, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, reminded the two parties, the “necessity to keep open the door of the dialog what for him, is highly important”.

“I am not sure that you look for your country to be destabilized and the confrontation what will lead to a prolonged crisis and difficulties to Togo”, he told them and advise them to be moderated in speeches and positions. It is important, he insisted that the parties should not come to the dialog with settled positions, he added.

Nana Akufo Addo regretted, according to the site, the long lack of discussions and first contact period between the actors of Togolese crisis, what, he insisted, does not allow the progress of the cause of peace and the fast settlement of the difficult situation Togo has been  living for some months.

All the parties that took part in the dialog promised to get engaged in the dialog process and to work for peace and quiet to be back  in the country in order to allow economy to take off again.

According to the Minister of Security of Ghana, Albert Kan Dapaah, the parties agreed with the resumption of the discussions to a date that will be set.

AGBOSSOUMONDÉ Képhas, translator (00228 90 39 58 85)

©Afreepress-(Lomé, 07th March 2018)- Lomé is holding in the first two weeks in April (date to be confirmed), the Youth Presidential Forum which is an initiative of "the President of Togo Republic" in order to concretize his will to "put into place a plateforme for exchanges with the youths" as it is meant in a communiqué from the organization committee and reported by the press agency Afreepress. 

And from the same communiqué, the chair of the organization committee, Pr Komi Dodji Kokodoko, has confirmed his engagement to organize this important meeting for the youths in the best conditions and make it succeed.

The meeting was chaired by the Director of the cabinet of the Presidency who is Mrs Victoire Tomegah Dogbe. She "called the Togo youths to seize the opportunity to identify and offer the best solutions to their own preoccupations".

A meeting with the press is announced on the coming Thursday. The purpose is introduce the project and its specificity to the population.

Let us recall that as a sign of motivation towards the youths to embrace and engage in business, a presidential decree grants them 20% of public markets available in the country.


©Afreepress-(Lomé, 07th march 2018)- The President of the Republic, Faure Gnassingbé, has on Tuesday 06th March 2018 inaugurated a small new photovoltaic power plant in Oti district (the Savana Region). It was during a solemn ceremony at which lots of the State personalities and cabinet members such as the Minister of Grassroot Development, Mme Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé, that of Mine and Power, M. Marc Ably-Bidamon, the former National Assembly Chairman, Fambaré Wattara Natchaba as well as the administrative and traditional authorities of the region took part.

The new power plant inaugurated by the President has a capacity of 100Kwc and is endowed with a low tension (LT) dispatching network of 8 km equipped with 80 public street lamps and with connection power breaks for the clients.

It is finance to the level of 2 billions cfa.

As for the Minister of Mines and Power the building of this power plant fits the government ambition to raise the rural electrification rate to 40% up to 2022.

The project has been achieved thanks to the financial support of the West African Economic Monetary  Union (WAEMU). It is within the feamework of the Regional Development and Renewable Powers and of Power Efficiency(RDRPPE).

Komlan AGBOSSOUMONDÉ (Translator)

©Afreepress-(Lomé, March 07, 2018)- BBOXX, a renewable energy and software firm has received $4m in debt financing from Union Togolaise de Banque to provide electricity access to people in Togo and across Sub-Saharan Africa.
The deal will help unlock BBOXX and Togolese Government’s ‘Cizo’ initiative which aim to provide access to reliable and sustainable energy such as solar for communities across the country.
Apart from the deal from Union Togolaise de Banque, Africa Guarantee Fund, a firm that helps assists financial institutions increase their financing to African SMEs, provided a 50 per cent pro rata credit enhancement, giving further weight to the deal.

In a statement, Mansoor Hamayun, CEO of BBOXX, said, “The deal with Union Togolaise de Banque will also make financial matters much more straightforward for us and will help drive our expansion across Togo. We are already providing our services and the on-grid experience they bring to customers in Togo and are looking forward to continuing to work in collaboration with the Government through 2018 and beyond.”
New in Togo, BBOXX has operations in Rwanda, Kenya Nigeria and Cameroon in Africa and has so far deployed over 150,000 helping change lives of more than half a million people in 35 countries by giving them access to smart energy for lights, smart phones and home appliances.

In July 2017, BBOXX was awarded a contract by the Togo government to roll out 300,000 solar home systems in the country by 2022 to create more than 1,000 direct jobs in the next five years. The latest funding will help BBOXX and the Togo government to improve access to electricity for people in off-grid communities.
BBOXX aims to bring electricity to more than 2 million citizens by 2022 through pay-as-you options via mobile payments and create jobs in rural areas for Togolese people.

Source :

©Afreepress-(Lomé, March 06, 2018)- Few days after the attack of Ouagadougou, two ECOWAS Heads of State went to Burkina Faso. They were, Faure Gnassingbé the current ECOWAS Chairman and Mamadou Issifou, the Republic of Niger President.

According to RFI (Radio France Internationale), both Chairman will visit the places of the attack with their host, the Chairman Rock-Mark Christian Kaboré and Sabo Sidikou, G5 Force permanent secretary. An anti-jihadist military force gathering the Niger, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Mali and  Tchad armies.

The 02nd March attack has been claimed by the Islam Support Group and to musleems (GSIM), lead by the Malian Touareg, Iyad Ag Ghali.

For the support of the Islam and musleems (GSIM), asserts to have acted "in response to the death of lots of leaders in a French army air raid in the North of Mali two weeks ago".

Let's remind that ECOWAS with the Togolese President the Chairman of ECOWAS, it gets very implicated in the fight against jihadism on Africa.

AGBOSSOUMONDÉ, Translator (00228 90 39 58 85)

©Afreepress-(Lomé, March 06, 2018)- PES TOGO Firm has been set in Togo since 2007, is celebrating its 10 years of existence. This companie through opening days tries to mark this anniversary on its activities. Days started the last February 24 through a solemn launching ceremony to which lots of gouvernment members after the fashion of the Ministers of the Mines, Abli Bidamon and of Commerce and Private sector Promotion, Bernadette Légzim Balouki and of the Environment and Forest Resourses, André Johnson.

An occasion that the PES TOGO Director General, Souleman Nana took to repeat his attachment to the valuing of renewable powers and to the protection of the environment by reducing of dangerous behavior for environment.

He has besides, praised the advantages of solar and renewable energies, which are today, he mentioned, the "sole powers of substitution after the hydroelectric power".

The first person in charge of PES TOGO Firm granted the opportunity to thank the Togolese authorities who have "allowed him to try this  adventure and have success in it".

The company, has at this occasion, presented its products and explained to the public the advantages linked to the use of solar panels and the solutions linked to renewable powers.

AGBOSSOUMONDÉ Képhas, translator (00228 90 39 58 85)

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