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©AfreePress- (Lome, on January 4th, 2019) The New Hope - Association Espoir Nouveau Togo (AEN-Togo) carried out on Thursday, January 3, 2019 the official launch of its project called: “The African Child Photo and Film project”. This project aimed at the Training, Follow-up Support and Coaching and Equipment of the vulnerable children being taken care of in Orphanages with the end goal of helping them to realize their dreams of becoming Photographers and Photojournalists, and to give them a means of earning a living while continuing their studies.

The first phase of this project started last Thursday, January 3, 2019 in Lomé by a three (3) day Workshop organized for three young people from the “Jesus the Good Shepherd” orphanage located in Tsévié (35 km north of Lomé). This first workshop entitled “Numeric photography: Mastering the Camera and Digital Image”, focused on fundamentals of Photography and Photojournalism.

This first (Training) stage of the project which will last one year, will comprise a phase of training, follow-up and coaching, and supply of equipment (cameras and lenses) to the recipients.

We are launching today this project for some of the orphans we have been following up and supporting since 2005 at the “Jesus the Good Shepherd” orphanage. For years, our Association just as some few others, accompany this orphanage. But, because of limited resources, we focused ourselves only on the basic needs for these children, such as food provision, dress supply, school fees and stationaries provision, and other related needs. But the children are growing up, some have completed their secondary school and started University or pursuing vocational studies. We realized there was something crucial missing: they had no specific competency or skills they can use to gain their life by themselves, except their diplomas. This is much alarming when we consider the very high unemployment rate among the young people who complete their studies. Moreover, we consider that these young people have many stories to tell about their own life, as well as about the lives of the other children living in extreme poverty and which can help to mobilize the world for better defense and protection for children living in extreme poverty and vulnerability. These are the motivations and reasons why we decided to equip them with a technical training that they can actually professionally practice and earn a living and take charge of themselves”, declared Jerry Johnson, President of AEN - Togo, to the News Agency AfreePress.

After these three days of Training, he continued, these young people will go on the field for six months. “During the six months, the Supervisors of the Association will follow them up, coach them and and accompany them for the development of their talent, by mastering the use of their cameras a s well as the photography technics. At the end of the first quarter, we will initiate another workshop for needed adjustments and realignment for these youth beneficiaries. At the end of the six months we intend to organize another workshop for a Training on filming (production of video short videos) and a Photo Festival to present the photographs of these vulnerable young people to the public and to uncover their skills and talents”, he added.

According to Mr. Johnson, his Association intends to extend the project over the years to other orphanages all through the country in order to promote the development of the vulnerable children. This was also an opportunity for him to launch an appeal for the volunteers to contribute to and support this action.

Created since in 2001, Association Espoir Nouveau Togo (New Hope Association) contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of the vulnerable and abandoned children in Togo.

Raphaël A.

©AfreePress-(Lomé, May 2, 2018)- One of the founding fathers of the National Alliance for the Change (NAC) Mr Didier AMELA has officially resigned from the political party. He made the annoucement on Wednesday during a press conference in Lomé. His decision to definitely quit, is motivated by a personal choice and the ill treatment he observed.

He said "It is with great pain I am resigning". He then continued, saying that his decision is a personal vision and also because of some wrongdoings in the political party.

" When you are with some people and you notice and feel that you are not comfortable, you should advise yourself and leave", he said.

During the conference Mr AMELA, denounced the ill treatment that he and some militants and officials of the party are victims of by the principal leaders of the party. He mentioned Mr Jean-Pierre Fabre, the National President of the party.

"The malicious gossip, lies, scandals, humiliations and even tricks I am victim of every day from my own brothers, activists have seriously affected the trust and respect that cemented us" he said.

He quits but he is still a politician, he precised.

"This decision does not mean the end of my political career. Today I am just withdrawing from any commitments and I wish all the best to the political party’s aspirations" he added.

As regard to other news, Mr AMELA is appointed to running the publishing house "Harmattan" in Togo.

Raphaël A.

© AfreePess- (Lomé, April 23, 2018) - The 2017-2018 cotton campaign in Togo is more optimistic than expected, say the first   Togo New Cotton Firm  (NSCT) leaders.

In terms of figures, Togo has developed 168,000 hectares out of the 160,000 hectares estimated for a total production of 116,000 tons in relation to the 2016-2017 year crop the figure of which is 108,000. "This is the first time that a goal set is achieved," enjoys the NSCT CEO. "These results have been achieved thanks to the mobilization of producers and the distribution of chemical fertilizers in large quantities and quality, the prompt payment of producers' bills and the increase in the purchasing price," he adds.

It should be recollected that the 11th meeting of the Regional Program of the Cotton Integrated Production in Africa (PR-PICA) ended Friday at the Hotel 2 Février in Lomé. Started April 18, 2018, the meeting allowed the six major cotton producing countries of PR-PICA to present the balance sheet of the 2017-2018 campaign.

In Togo, according to NSCT officials, 2017-2018 has achieved satisfactory results. "The Togolese production has increased even if it remains in modest proportions due mainly to the vagaries of climate," said the Director General of NSCT, NANFAME Adam Nana during a press conference balance sheet held in margins of the 11th PR-PICA meeting.

For the outlook of the 2018-2019 campaign that has just begun, the NSCT expects a production approaching 180,000 tons. These results will reach 200,000 tons by 2020.

As a reminder, the 11th meeting of the PR-PICA also allowed the reinforcement of the partnership between producers, cotton companies and agro-pharmaceutical firms of the countries embers of PR-PICA that are Benin, Burkina Faso, the Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Senegal and Togo.

Cotonou, the capital of Benin will house the next PR-PICA meeting.



©-Afreepress- (Lomé, April 23, 2018) - A new housing project comes on top of the already running dozens in Togo. Thanks to the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), more than 594 housing units will soon be built, including 200 hotel apartments and 394 villas in addition to a commercial center and commercial buildings including offices and shops over a total area of 55 hectares. A project called "Residence Renaissance" and which will be located in downtown Lomé on land bounded by the Benin Residence, the Millennium City, Avenue Jean Paul II.

The details of this project were made public last Friday by the first officials of the CNSS assisted for the occasion, the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and Living Environment, Komla Edoh.

A ceremony that marks the start of this project planned for a period of 36 months in its commercial phase. It is a program for the construction, sale and exploitation of medium and high standard housing in order to offer the Togolese population family and functional villas and apartments, explained the Director General of the CNSS, Ingrid Awade. The project "Residence Renaissance", she said, will create 6,000 direct jobs while ensuring the enhancement of employability of young craftsmen in the building and civil engineering sector thanks to the transfer of skills that will take place during the construction works. which will be supervised by dozens of architects, engineers and other construction managers.

Project management will be handled by the international firm "Architecture Studio" and the "Espace Architecture" firm with the support of 10 architecture agencies of the West African Economic Monetary Union (WAEMU).

[23/4 15:03] Raphaël: Immobilier : La CNSS met des logements de qualité à la portée de tous les Togolais 

©Afreepress-(Lomé, le 23 avril 2018)- Un nouveau projet de logements vient s’ajouter aux dizaines déjà en cours d’exécution au Togo. Grâce à la Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale (CNSS), plus de 594 logements verront bientôt le jour dont 200 appartements hôtels et 394 villas en plusd’un centre commercial et des immeubles à usage commercial comprenant des  bureaux ainsi que des boutiques sur une superficie totale de 55 hectares. Un projet baptisé « Résidence Renaissance » et qui sera situé au centre-ville de Lomé sur un terrain délimité par la Résidence du Benin, la cité Millénium, l’Avenue Jean Paul II.

Les détails sur ce projet ont été rendus publics vendredi dernier par les premiers responsables de la CNSS assistés pour l’occasion, du Directeur de cabinet du ministère de  l’Urbanisme, de l’Habitat et du Cadre de Vie, Komla Edoh.

Une cérémonie qui marque le top départ de ce projet prévu pour une durée de 36 mois dans sa phase commerciale. C’est un programme de construction, de vente et l’exploitation de logements de moyen et de haut standing afin d’offrir à la population togolaise des villas et appartements familiaux et fonctionnels, s’est expliquée la Directrice Générale de la CNSS, Ingrid Awadé. Le projet « Résidence Renaissance », a-t-elle fait savoir, permettra de créer  6000 emplois directs tout en assurant le renforcement de l’employabilité des jeunes artisans du métier des BTP grâce au transfert de compétences qui s’effectuera au cours des travaux qui seront supervisés par des dizaines d’architectes, ingénieurs et autres cadres des BTP.

La maitrise d’œuvre du projet sera l’affaire du cabinet International « Architecture Studio » et le cabinet « Espace Architecture » avec le concours de 10 agences d’architectures de l’espace Union Economique Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA).

© Afreepress- (Lomé, April 23, 2018) - Togo has embarked in recent years on the modernization of digital infrastructures. From the interconnection of 500 administrative buildings to the development of the digital ecosystem of the government (e-gouv) through the reform of the public operator (Togo Cellular and Togotelecom muted in Togocom, the step taken is encouraging.

The Togolese, Hobli JOSHUA, consultant in telecommunications and media, production engineer in France welcomed on Monday, the initiatives taken by the government estimating that at this rate, in 20 years, Togo can become a real digital hub of the sub-region. region by improving its IT infrastructure by adopting a code of conduct and the right man in the right place. "The mutation in Togocom is commendable because we can consider it as Todo-com, which means to go to communication Even in France, France Telecom has become orange, it's an image issue. the country will want to be a regional leader in the matter, we will no longer see the direct identity of Togo, "he said. For him, the reform must be supported, especially, the dematerialization of services that the state offers to citizens. He cited in this case online tax payments, teleworking at university level or in hospitals; town halls that have to digitize birth certificates etc. "There is a need to reduce the use of paper in many services, and in Europe, even the paycheck, it is received in PDF - everything has to be paperless," he said.

Mr. Joshua explains that to achieve this, the offer of a good internet speed is important. He noted that the arrival of new ISPs is good news for users. It also suggests that banks and public or private organizations based in Togo have an average data center and set up a Business Resumption Plan (PRA). "In the event of a fire for example, the banks, access providers can lose their data. It must have one or two data centers so that when a site falls, the second can take over," said the engineer. Production, former provider to orange.

For this Togolese diaspora, currently in service to EDF, the leader in energy in France, his ambition is to build in Togo, a modern laboratory of real-time analysis. "If we encourage the return of the diaspora, unemployment will be reduced in the country.It is enough for leaders to offer the facilities and give people the freedom to invest the country will take off," he said .



© Afreepress- (Lomé, April 23, 2018) - The President of the Republic Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé attended last Saturday, April 21, the finals of the competition of talent detection called "Seeds of Togo", which took place, at the Omnisports stadium of Lomé.

Initiated by the coach of the National team, Claude Leroy, this competition has allowed to identify the best young talents and train them in order to reinvigorate the number of football teams of Togo.

The project targeted 350 girls and boys aged between 12 and 17 from all the five regions of the country. Twenty-one (21) of them were selected during the regional phase to take part in the finals in Lomé which took place last Saturday.

The two bests (one boy and one girl) of this competition will take part in the Europa UEFA Champions League finals in Europe this season.

It should be noted that the project "Seeds of Togo 2018" was sponsored by the President of the Republic, Faure Gnassingbe with the financial support of the Brasserie "BB de Lomé" and the mobile phone company Togo Cellular.

The Head of State who made a surprised visit to the omnisport stadium in Lomé, with several members of the government including the Minister of Communication, culture, sports and civic training, Guy Madjé Lorenzo and the General Manager of the BB Lomé Brewery, Thierry Feraud.

Here is the list of the winners of this previous editions.


1- SANKOUTCHA Yannis 2004

2- AMEDIGBE Kokou 2004

3- TABAGBELE Tawfick 2004

4- AMADOU Gafarou 2004

5- AMETONOU Samson 2003

6- ISSAOU Bachar 2003

7- KOUZONLI Isaac 2005

8- AGUETE Kévin 2005

9- MAMADOU Abdel 2004

10- TCHANGNAO Féchal 2003.


1- YAYA Rakiyatou 2000

2- GAKE Friend Queen 2002

3- KAYABA Tatiana 2005

4- TOMELAN Amélé 2001

5- SANVI Marie 2002

6- KOTAH MAMA Innocente 2000

7- ATCHAM Napo 2000

8- GANTIN Lucie 2000

9- ISSAKA Loba 2001

10- KOMENATI Amélé 2002.

Raphael A.


©AfreePress-(Lomé, April 13, 2018)- A regional workshop on the improvement of youth employability in the domain of rail transporations, from 10 to 13, April 2018 in Lomé, joined together experts from the members countries of the agreement in West Africa. Organized by the International Labour Office ( ILO ) in partnership with the Commisson of the Council ( Commission du Conseil de l’Entente ), the meeting is aimed at thinking on the perspectives of the work of rail which could lead to the realization of railway projects in the sub-region.

The opening ceremony of the meeting was presided by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports, Ninsao Gnafam with the presence of the representative of the Regional Director of ILO and the Executive Secretary of the Conseil de l’Entente.

This workshop, said  the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports, is a partnership agreement signed on the 13, February 2015 in Lomé between ( Centre Régional de Formation pour l’Entretien Routier (CERFER) the Regional Center of Training and the Maintenance of Road and the International Labour Office. 

This agreement is aiming at « reinforcing » the skills of  young people and « meet  » the coming needs in terms of qualification of human ressources for the construction, the exploitation and the maintenance of the railways’ networks project in undergoing rehabilitation,modernisation or to construct in the different countries of WEAMU and ECOWAS, he pointed out. 

During this three-week workshop, participants will have to reflect on the several themes : opportunity and the chaleenges of development of rail in West Africa, the role of the private sectors in rail developing in Africa, the needs in reinforcing the capacities and the opportunity for financing the rail sector.

According to the regional representative of the International Office of Labour, Yao KOUAME,  the recommandations taken during the workshop will be discussed during a meeting of the ministers of Transportations on the 13, April in Lomé.

Representatives from Bénin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger and Togo were present during the meeting.

Yao O. Afle

©AfreePress-(Lomé, 13rd April 2018)- The Agbonou High school in Ogou district, won the second edition of the English National Competition on the 11, April 2018 in Lomé. A competition organized by the U.S Embassy in Togo in partnership with "Togo English Teachers Organisation", the Ministery of Primary and Secondary, and some private sector institutions. 

According to the organizers, this competition is aiming at promoting the English language in Togo.

Eight teams from the Five (05) regions of Togo, participated into the competition which are; lycée de Baguida ( High School of Baguida ),  Tsévié ville1, lycée moderne de Sokodé ( Modern High School of Sokodé ), Agbonou, Kombonloaga, Collège Protestant de Lomé ( Protestant High School of Lomé ), lycée Scientifique de Kara ( Scientific High School of Kara) and lycée de Kouma of Kpalimé.

All the candidates confronted with each other through different phases: debates, monologues, poetry, slams and sketchs, to show their mastery of the English language. 

A performance hailed by the U.S embassador in Togo, David Gilmour who pointed out that the English language is an international one and very important for college students. It is used in many fields: trade, sciences and technology, ITC and in the world of business. 

« I am very happy because it was not that easy. We have worked hard to win this competition », said, Ségbéaya Déo Gracia, leader of the English Club of lycée Agbonou. 

Each of the club that took part in the competition was rewarded by the different institutions ( partners ).

The competition began in the month of September 2017 with the participation of ten English clubs from colleges and high schools of Togo.

Yao O. Afle

©AfreePress-(Lomé, le 13 avril 2018)- The coalition of the 14 political parties of the opposition (C14) is organizing demonstrations in the streets on 11, 12 and 14, April, 2018 in Lomé and in many other cities to express dissastifaction about the government, which according to them, « their aspirations are not taken into account ».  

The announcement of the protests was made on  the 13 April, during a meeting with Togolese and international press. During the press conference leaders of the coalition of the 14 political parties made a report on the meeting held with the facilitator, the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo.

A declaration read by the Secretary General of  the Committee for Action and Renewal  (CAR), Jean Kissi, the Coalition of the 14 political parties decided to protest against « the acts posed by the government in flagrant violation of the spirit of the dialogue».  

These include the process continuation of the unilateral preparation of the elections « despite the commitments made by RPT-UNIR », the systematic ban of the public demonstrations including those organized by the civil society organizations and the unions, the multiplication of measures of harassments and arrests of the leaders of the organizations of the civil society and the ongoing state of siege in te cities of Sokodé, Bafilo et Mango.

The facilitator, said the Coalition, stated in his reply to have received a delegation which expressed the concerns of the President of the Republic of Togo Faure Gnassingbé, regarding the delay in the electoral process and the consequences that it could have on the constitutional deadlines for the organization of the election.

The facilitator said, he pointed out to the governmental delegation the electoral process is one of the key points of the dialogue; besides that, he gave the list of the 60 persons in custody to the Presiedent who promised to work on their release.

It should be noted that the President Nana Akufo-Addo promised to the coalition work on the decision taken by the Coalition to continue the protests despite the ban.

Yao O. Afle

©Afreepress-(Lomé, April 03, 2018) -Only some months after its inception, the international cabinet for translation, interpreting and languages "The Polyglot Center" is emerging and spreading thanks to the quality of its services and work.

Read the interview of the Director of this center, Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI.

Afreepress : Morning Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI. Good to have you. As the Managing Director of "The Polyglot Center", please tell us all about your cabinet.

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : The Polyglot Center is a cabinet providing translation and interpreting services in English-French-German-Spanish. We also train in the same languages. A tangible proof of our translation services is the English articles we offer you on your website in due time for your faithful readers all over the world.

We broaden our domains of expertise as we train in personal growth and leadership as well with a strong focus on Public Speaking. TOEFL is also in the range of expertise. Fear not when you need one of the best voices ever for your commercials or events. We are the right cabinet for you.

Why this center in Togo?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : We noticed in the USA that francophones are not represented as such, particularly Togo, in very important summits and initiatives for the youths because of English that becomes a serious barrier. In Washington DC in 2016, president Barack Obama encouraged us and sent us, francophone Alumni as ambassadors to spread English and solve that linguistic barrier. Indeed the needs are there and people and organizations long for good quality training in English particularly.

Do you have some contracts and calls so far from people?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : Oh yes, we do! There are even foreigners (some from Niger) who are learning English in our center. Though some people are complaining that we are far away from them, we would like, first of all, to say that our aim is to make English accessible to many a person, especially those in remote areas. Attiégou (where we are) is not full of such centers like ours. It is then a strategic location. Nevertheless, we would like to assure our potential clients that we have some other options for them in case they cannot be in our midst. We can come to you in your offices and houses to train you. In addition to that we are partnering with some ventures in order to get closer to you.

Who can benefit from your services?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : Everyone can contact us for our services: workers, students, parents themselves and for their children...

What are your relations (I mean of the cabinet) with the public and private institutions of Togo, your country?


Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : We are in good terms with them. We even worked for FAIEJ (the national funds to support the economic initiatives of young entrepreneurs), the Ministry of development from the grassroots. We are still in contact. Currently we have a contract with a big bank based in Togo.

Any other words to end it up, sir?

Mr Abdoul Rafiou LASSISSI : I would like to thank the other Managing Director of The Polyglot Center, Mr KOUDAYA Ayao for his grand sense of leadership and commitment. He is such an open-minded person!

I also thank the young but very dynamic team of The Polyglot Center. I cannot forget our partners, namely Cloud9 at Agbalepedogan, ChomFactory and all the rest. It will be a crime to neglect Afreepress, a serious partner that sells us to the world. Special thanks to GAAT (the Global Alumni Association of Togo), DECLIC-TOGO and the US Embassy in Togo

To finish with, I thank you dear clients and potential clients.

Contacts: (00228) 90 79 83 32/ 92 40 46 25.

The Polyglot Center, " the power of communication at your door"

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